IV Hydration & Vitamin Therapy: Trend or Here to Stay?

By September 15, 2020January 2nd, 2021IV Therapy
As a trending business leading a $4.2 trillion global profit, wellness has been a popular topic amongst Americans for generations. The newest trend in the wellness business: IV Therapy. Often referred to as  “Nutrient Therapy”, “Hydration Therapy”, or “The Hangover Cure”, IV Therapy has been an alternative to replacing lack-of nutrients in the body for over 20 years. In recent years, It’s popularity has surged due to exposure by celebrities. People are now turning to IV-therapy for ailments to dehydration, exhaustion, jet lag, glowing skin, and even hangovers.
IV therapy has also become immensely popular in the anti-aging industry. Customers are seeking ways to get glowing, youthful skin, help regenerate their energy and rehydrate. Amongst the younger generation, raves & festivals are an ever growing trend. IV Therapy helps to replenish the nutrients lost through the excessive intake of alcohol and give energetic boosts quickly rather than waiting a couple days to replenish their energy naturally. Overall, IV therapy is growing as a popular way to get well as quickly as possible.
So what celebrities are using IV Therapy? Grammy-Award winning Artist Adele seeked IV energy boosts for traveling, as well as Antioxidants to help fight bacteria build up on her vocal cords. Legendary Artist Madonna uses B12 vitamins for energy & metabolic boosts in her regimen. Famous Model & Actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Cindy Crawford use IV immunity boosts to help stay healthy & fight illnesses. Television Personal Chrissy Teigan, who is very popular on multiple media platforms, has shared her secret of IV therapy for skin clarity and keeping her skin glowing! Even Famous Actor Brad Pitt uses the reinvented Myer’s Cocktail for a mix for vitamins and minerals to keep himself healthy and well. With the popularity of IV Therapy growing amongst so many celebrities, more people are seeking information to find out how they can press the restart button too!

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